World + Brain

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World meets brain
Archives MundaneumDSC04610.jpgL'univers. L'intelligence. La science. Le livre
EUM8.Farde EUM73.Monde.jpgThese files were circulated by Mundaneum through WeTransfer in March 2015. The .zip file was forwarded to Mondotheque by a befriended designer. Where possible, image names have not been changed. .tiff files have been converted into .jpg and image credits were added whenever possible.
IMG 0076.jpgEntrance to the World Trade Center, Brussels
Le Livre et la représentation du Monde.jpgLe Livre et la représentation du Monde
Otlet schema's.jpgThe “Sacrarium,” is something like a temple of ethics, philosophy, and religion. A great globe, modeled and colored, in a scale 1 = 1,000,000 with the planetarium inside, is situated in front of the museum building.

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