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images, files are really central (it's shifting though..)

some come directly from mundaneum, in that case the filename is kept.

In the image description, while editing, ie

semantic markup can be used, like the [[ ]] for internal wiki linking, which also creates the page,

which lists all the pages using that category.

This page as well can be edited, with the following syntax:

{{#ask: [[category::World + Brain]] | ?Caption | format=gallery}}

{{#ask: [[category::World + Brain]] | ?Caption | format=table}}

different semantic links:

[[Caption::]], [[Source:]], [[Place::]], [[dc:date::]], [[category:]]

Syntax for redirection / merging categories:

#REDIRECT [[World+Brain]]

What links here, related changes. on the left Toolbar, are interesting in making links bi-directional..

Possible to use styled text, eg introduction text:

<nowiki><div class="intro">This page has Le Monde + World + Brain</div></nowiki>

in subject::World + Brain subject is the "Property":

{{#ask: [[person::+]] | ?Person | ?Caption | format=gallery}} + is the wildcard for all the pages with the Property:person.

Add the template like this: {{person}} {{#ask: [[Is part of::Traité de documentation]] | ?Caption | format=gallery}} > gives the pages tagged with "traité de documentation"

videos and subtitles:

The videos are playable and include transcriptions / subtitles in wiki pages. so they are SEARCHABLE! Clicking on the [CC] button in the bottom of the video player, subtitles can be added/changed/accessed..

[find manual, make it findable]


{{place}},_Brussels To add on OSM, have to check the geolocation:

{{#subobject:Imprimerie Van Keerberghen |date=1934, 2015 |geo=50.85813,4.33285 |city=Brussels |place=Rue Piers 101, Brussels |About:Mundaneum walk }}

When including the About tag, you can create submaps including different locations:

{{#ask: [[About::Mundaneum walk]] [[Geo::+]] | ?Geo | ?Date | ?Place | format=openlayers }} the timeline is based on mediawiki project that should update automatically but it does dot handle some formats