53 Future and anticipation of book

From Mondothèque

(...) Great means have become necessary and one should take into account the following: 1° the greater division of work; 2° the cooperative work; 3° the estabishment of special information centres where one will have the right to go for all special questions; 4° the systematization or synthesis that replaces the million details with a few hundred of main propositions; 5° mathematics which provides with its formulas the means to further condense; 6° visualization by the development of means of educational representation and schematics; 7° the development of intellectual machines; the radiated book made for been read by everybody, by individual reading as well as the listening of a desired book, as well as the radio request of single pieces of information; 9° television: the book, the document that upon request will be presented on the screen, for each and everybody. We can imagine, waiting for the television, that books transcribed over phonographic plates can be constantly transmitted: each book would have its own wave length and would be made audible. (...)