La ville intelligente - Ville de la connaissance

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Translation issues -- Natacha (talk) 15:46, 26 May 2016 (CEST)

I have been changing a few pronouns here and there and some words but all in all very small modifications.

2 questions emerge:

  • citations they have been translated from french to english then back to french and sometimes it gets a bit squeegy I reverted to the original when it was included in the references, but I do not have the sources, it might be good to look for them."dialectique entre les deux utopistes ne s'est pas limité à une conception commissionnée, il a révélé la relation entre une conception positiviste spécifique de la connaissance et l'architecture "

  • Smart city versus Ville Intelligente weired stuff happen in the translation process, smart city is a contemporary term while ville intelleigente was the one used by Lecorbusier and Otlet, (ville intelligente is scarcely used in contemporary developments of digital spying buisiness, you would says smart city in French also)

Hence the translation process is akward, the use of laguage reveals a context, a passage from french to english in institutions that is concomitant to a systemic transformation...(a bit like issues between mondialisation and globalisation). There is no need to change it, but other options would be to say Intelligent City in English, or Smart City in French.