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A list of all pages that have property "Caption" with value "Van der Swaelmen - Tervuren, 1916". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • File:EUM3.Farde19.Methodes.jpg  + (These files were circulated by Mundaneum t
    These files were circulated by Mundaneum through WeTransfer in March 2015. The .zip file was forwarded to Mondotheque by a befriended designer. Where possible, image names have not been changed. .tiff files have been converted into .jpg and image credits were added whenever possible.
    mage credits were added whenever possible.)
  • File:1944-tombe po.jpg  + (Tomb at the grave of Paul Otlet)
  • File:Total Pyramide.jpeg  + (Toute la Documentation. A late sketch from
    Toute la Documentation. A late sketch from 1937 showing all the complexity of the pyramid of documentation. An evolutionary element works its way up, and in the conclusive level one can read a synthesis: "Homo Loquens, Homo Scribens, Societas Documentalis".
    ns, Homo Scribens, Societas Documentalis".)
  • File:La pyramide des bibliographies.jpg  + (Traité de documentation - La pyramide des bibliographies)
  • File:Classify-sketch.jpg  + (Universal Decimal Classification: hierarchy)