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  • Le Cinescope projection de microfilms  +
  • Le Corbusier, Musée Mondial (1929), FLC, doc nr. 24510  +
  • Le Livre et la représentation du Monde  +
  • Le Palais Mondial - Mundaneum  +
  • Le Traite de documentation OCR with layout visualised through 3D layering of css  +
  • Le reseau Mundaneum. From Paul Otlet, Encylcopaedia Universalis Mundaneum  +
  • Le répertoire bibliographique universel  +
  • Leaflet published by the Mundaneum Archive Center, 2012  +
  • Les aspects du livre  +
  • Logo of the Mundaneum  +
  • Manuel du repertoire bibliographique universel (prototype), 1904  +
  • Marcel Flamion, who used to work in the Mundaneum, explains how the archive was under threat before moving to Mons in 1993  +
  • Marie-Louise Philips, Henri Lafontaine's mother  +
  • Melvil Dewey’s business card. (From: Wiegand, Wayne A. 1996. Irrepressible reformer: A biography of Melvil Dewey. Chicago: American Library Association, p. 62.)  +
  • Metro Place Rogier in 2008  +
  • Mon Bureau. Clipping found in the Mundaneum Archives, personal papers Paul Otlet  +
  • Mondotheque in front of the former entrance of Palais Mondial - Brussels, 24 September 2016  +
  • Mondotheque visits the Canteen of the World Trade Center in Bruxelles, 26 February 2016  +
  • Mondotheque visits the Mundaneum archives, 11 September 2015  +
  • Mondotheque visits the former Palais Mondial. With Sebastian Luetgert, Marcell Mars, Robert M. Ochshorn, Peter Westenberg, Donatella Portoghese, Femke Snelting and Flèche  +
  • Mondothèque worksession at Akademie Schloss Solitude, February 2015  +
  • More ads related to drills, lawyers, explosives, and filing equipment  +
  • Mundaneum, transmitter of knowledge  +
  • Mundaneum: Les archives de la connaissance (Les Impressions nouvelles, 2008). Promotional banderolle added in 2015 by the Mundaneum Archive Center  +
  • New entrance to the Mundaneum in Mons insists on 'Google de Papier'  +
  • Notes by Paul Otlet in the copy of Le Traité that belongs to Melissa Coops. Screenshot from: The man who wanted to classify the world  +
  • Novacarte. Clipping found in the Mundaneum archives, personal papers Paul Otlet  +
  • Office International de Bibliographie, Salle de repertoires  +
  • Organisation Mondiale  +
  • Otlet and Delville meet Krishnamurti in Ommen, the Netherlands, on the occasion of a meeting of the "Order of the Star," a theosophist splinter group established by Annie Besant  +
  • Otlet's Formula  +
  • Otlet, Scheme and Reality  +
  • Otlet, ‘clavier’, manual and mechanical operation  +
  • Otlet, ‘clavier’, manual and mechanical operations  +
  • Pan African Congress, Brussels (1921). In the background, "Prométhée," a painting by Jean Delville  +
  • Patrick Lafontaine (facing) and Bernard Otlet at the 30th anniversary of the internet with Vint Cerf  +
  • Paul Otlet at The repertory of the International Office of Bibliography installed in the Cinquantennaire  +
  • Paul Otlet at the World Congress of Universal Documentation, Paris, August 1937  +
  • Paul Otlet personal papers. Picture taken during a Mondothèque visit of the Mundaneum archives, 11 September 2015  +
  • Paul Otlet with Henri and Mathilde Lafontaine in front of Palais Mondial  +
  • Paul Otlet à son bureau  +
  • Paul Otlet à son bureau, 1934  +
  • Paul Otlet à son bureau, avec Georges Lorphèvre et théière  +
  • Paul Otlet, Atlas Monde (1936). MDN, AFF, scan nr. Mundaneum_032; Mundaneum_034; Mundaneum_036; Mundaneum_038; Mundaneum_040; Mundaneum_042; Mundaneum_044; Mundaneum_046; Mundaneum_049 (sic!)  +
  • Paul Otlet, Cellula Mundaneum (1936). Mundaneum, Mons. Personal papers of Paul Otlet (MDN). Fonds Affiches (AFF).  +
  • Paul Otlet, Le Monde en son ensemble (1936). Mundaneum, Mons. MDN, AFF, scan nr. MUND-00009061_2008_0001_MA  +
  • Paul Otlet, Mundaneum. Documentatio Partes. MDN, EUM, doc nr. 8506, scan nr. Mundaneum_A400176  +
  • Paul Otlet, Species Mundaneum. Mundaneum, Mons. Personal papers of Paul Otlet (MDN). Fonds Encyclopaedia Universalis Mundaneum (EUM), document No. 8506.  +
  • Paul Otlet, Traité de documentation: le livre sur le livre, théorie et pratique (Bruxelles: Editiones Mundaneum, 1934), 428-429.  +
  • Paul Otlet, Visionnaire. Video shown at the signing of the collaboration between Mundaneum and Google  +