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A list of all pages that have property "Caption" with value "Place Rogier, Brussels around 2005". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • File:Mondotheque descr.jpg  + (Paul Otlet, Traité de documentation: le livre sur le livre, théorie et pratique (Bruxelles: Editiones Mundaneum, 1934), 428-429.)
  • File:Introduction au Mundaneum - Paul Otlet, visionnaire.ogv  + (Paul Otlet, Visionnaire. Video shown at the signing of the collaboration between Mundaneum and Google)
  • File:Unnamed.jpg  + (Paul Otlet, design for Mondothèque (Mundaneum archive center, Mons))
  • File:468324-original1-kpnbx.jpg  + (Paul Otlet, directeur du Palais mondial de
    Paul Otlet, directeur du Palais mondial de Bruxellles, faisant un discours lors d'un meeting de protestation organisé par le Cercle belgo-russe, à la suite du sac de l'exposition russe, années 1930. A sa droite : madame Taupin; à sa gauche : Pierre Bourgeois, écrivain belge.
    gauche : Pierre Bourgeois, écrivain belge.)
  • File:Mondotheque schema.png  + (Personal documentation: analysis and synthesis (schema))
  • File:Mondotheque croqui.png  + (Personal documentation: analysis and synthesis (sketch))
  • File:61.2.van-acker01 fig06f.jpg  + (Perspective of the Mundaneum by M.C. Heymans)
  • File:Cato.jpg  + (Photo from the Broese van Groenou family archive / Emilia Broese van Groenou (1876-1960) was the mother of Dorothea (Thea) Coops and Wilhelmina (Milisa) Coops)
  • File:Paul-otlet-secretaires.jpg  + (Photograph of the staff of the International Institute of Bibliography, writing and classifying records)
  • File:Phrenology.jpg  + (Phrenology head by L.N. Fowles on sale for 995 Czech Koruna)