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  • Drawer with various notes on the development of the UDC  +
  • Dynamic visualization of the Plan Mondial  +
  • Elio Di Rupo with Mons2015 badge  +
  • Elio di Rupo and Sylvia Van Peteghem at the signing of the collaboration agreement between Google and Mundaneum, 2012  +
  • Elio di Rupo and Sylvia Van Peteghem, 2012  +
  • Elio di Rupo, Rudy Demotte and others playing table football at Google Community Day  +
  • Entrance to the World Trade Center, Brussels  +
  • Excerpt from "L'homme qui voulait classer le monde" directed by Françoise Levie  +
  • Excerpt from Paul Otlet's text written on the occasion of Henri Lafontaine's 80th birthday, with cursory mention of team members  +
  • Exhibition materials of Le Palais Mondial moved to the hallway to make space for a Rubber Fair (Foire du caoutchouc)  +
  • Expo Renaissance 2.0 au Mundaneum  +
  • Facsimile edition of Le Traité de documentation, published by the CLPCF in 1989  +
  • Fiche bibliographique/Promo pour le "Traité de documentation" (resurfaced on https://twitter.com/Mundaneumasbl/Mundaneum), 24.11.2014)  +
  • Fiche retrouvée dans un des tiroirs à fiches du Répertoire bibliographique universel en libre accès au Mundaneum à Mons.  +
  • Flyer Workshop Le livre sur le livre  +
  • Flyer announcing a game published by the Mundaneum archive center: "Did you know the Internet was imagined in Belgium? Discover the history of Mundaneum in an amusing way"  +
  • François Schuiten explains the reasoning behind his scenography for the resurrected Mundaneum, just before it's re-opening in 1998  +
  • From industrial heartland to the Internet age (screen-capture). Video published by The Mundaneum, 2014  +
  • From the editor's notes to Paul Otlet's essay on Henri Lafontaine  +
  • Google Cultural Institute in Paris  +
  • Google representatives and government officials present the project of a Google Datacenter in Hong Kong  +
  • Groundbreaking ceremonies at Google in The
    Groundbreaking ceremonies at Google in The Dalles Thursday, Sept. 26, with Bill Dick, The Dalles City Council; Carolyn Wood, The Dalles City Council, Steve Kramer, Wasco County Commissioner; John Huffman, state representative; Rod Runyon, Wasco County Commissioner, Steve Lawrence, The Dalles mayor; Dave Karlson, general manager, The Dalles Google; Linda Miller, The Dalles City Council; Tim McGlothlin, The Dalles City Council; Nolan Young, The Dalles city manager; Scott Hege, Wasco County Commissioner and Benjamin Treynor Sloss, Google vice president of 24-7 operations.
    Google vice president of 24-7 operations.  +
  • Gustave Abeels, former president of the now defunct Amis du Palais mondial, explains the advantages to moving the Mundaneum archive to Mons  +
  • Harm Post, director of Groningen Sea Ports  +
  • Henri La Fontaine at his desk  +
  • Henri La Fontaine in front of the Reichstag room in Berlin, where the XXIIIrd Universal Peace Congress is held, 1924 (photography R. Horlemann)  +
  • Henri Lafontaine and Mathilde Lhoest reading in their living room at Square Vergote in Brussels  +
  • Holy soldier Evgeny Rodionov, diezelsun.  +
  • I believe these hands belong to Alex Wright  +
  • Illustration published in Le Soir (08/05/2015) explaining the various institutions and actors involved in managing finances for Mons 2015  +
  • Index Indexorum  +
  • Index card found in the Mundaneum Archives (September 2015); handwriting probably Cato van Nederhasselt: "Paul -- laisse moi la clef de m/la maison, j'ai oublie la mienne. Mets la - sur ton bureau - dans le petit bac a fiches. --"  +
  • Indexation de publications et rédaction de fiches bibliographiques  +
  • Inscription: "Il ne fut rien sinon Mundanéen"  +
  • International Institute of Photography, a collaboration between Ernest de Potter, Paul Otlet, and Henri Lafontaine (?)  +
  • Internet, a story from Belgium? Poster distributed by The Mundaneum archive center  +
  • Introduction by Robert Estivals (president
    Introduction by Robert Estivals (president of the Association Internationale de Bibliologie) and André Canonne (director of the Centre de Lecture publique de la Communauté Francaise and director of the Espace Mundaneum) to the 1989 facsimile edition of Le Traité de documentation
    mile edition of Le Traité de documentation  +
  • Inverted pyramid and floor plan by Stanislas Jasinski  +
  • Jean-Paul Deplus, Elio di Rupo and Sylvia Van Peteghem sign the collaboration agreement between Google and Mundaneum, 2012  +
  • Jyri Häkämies (Minister of Economic Affairs), Ari Kurvi (Operations Manager) and Hannu Muhonen (Mayor of Hamina) inaugurate Google datacenter in Hamina, Finland.  +
  • L'action du centre mondial  +
  • L'affaire du Palais Mondial  +
  • L'encyclopédie documentaire  +
  • L'organisation mondiale du Travail intellectuel  +
  • L'univers. L'intelligence. La science. Le livre  +
  • La Pyramide des Bibliographies. In: Paul Otlet, ''Traité de documentation: le livre sur le livre, théorie et pratique'' (Bruxelles: Editiones Mundaneum, 1934), 290.  +
  • La classification bibliographique  +
  • La documentation et ses parties  +
  • La femme et la Cité, from Encyclopedia Universalis Mundaneum. "Vœu émis par Paul Otlet pour que les femmes aient leur place dans le projet de la Cité mondiale pour y apporter leur sensibilité "esthétique". 16 mars 1943."  +
  • La pyramide des bibliographies  +