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  • "A conference session with members present, at a distance and on location"  +
  • "Alimentation. — La base de notre alimenta
    "Alimentation. — La base de notre alimentation repose en principe sur un trépied. 1° Protides (viandes, azotes). 2° Glycides (légumineux, hydrates de carbone). 3° Lipides (graisses). Mais il faut encore pour présider au cycle de la vie et en assurer la régularité, des vitamines : c’est à elles qu’est due la croissance des jeunes, l’équilibre nutritif des adultes et une certaine jeunesse chez les vieillards."
    ne certaine jeunesse chez les vieillards."  +
  • "Bibliothèques!" from Encyclopedia Universalis Mundaneum  +
  • "In terms of references, Paul Otlet and La
    "In terms of references, Paul Otlet and La Fontaine, but mostly Otlet invented a classification system for the world information: the Universal Decimal Classification. You can see it as a search engine on paper. Later on, it will become the digital search engine."
    it will become the digital search engine."  +
  • "Institut International de Bibliographie, le répertoire Bibliographique Universel. - Bruxelles : Phototypie Desaix, s.d. - 14x9 cm"  +
  • "M. Paul Otlet, director of the Palais Mondial, 'camps' with his colleagues in front of the entrance of the premises that are about to be closed by the Ministry of public works"  +
  • "Qui scit ubi scientia habenti est proximus. Who knows where science is, is about to have it. The librarian is helped by collaborators: Bibliotecaire-adjoints, rédacteurs, copistes, gens de service."  +
  • "The Mundaneum, where history meets technology."  +
  • "Un tiroir des meubles-fichiers du Répertoire Bibliographique Universel (RBU)"  +
  • ''An axonometric view of the Mundaneum giv
    ''An axonometric view of the Mundaneum gives the effect of an aerial photograph of an archeological site — Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, ancient American (Mayan and Aztec) or Peruvian. These historical reminiscences are striking. Remember the important building works of the Mayas, who were the zenith of ancient American civilization. These well-known ruins (Uxmal, Chichen-Itza, Palenque on the Yucatan peninsula, and Copan in Guatemala) represent a “metaphysical architecture” of special cities of religious cults and burial grounds, cities of rulers and priests; pyramids, cathedrals of the sun, moon and stars; holy places of individual gods; graduating pyramids and terraced palaces with architectural objects conceived in basic geometrical shapes of cube, cylinder, prism and pyramid, the main axis of which is symmetry with emphasis on horizontality.''
    symmetry with emphasis on horizontality.''  +
  • ''As soon as all forms of life are categorized, classified and determined, individuals will become numeric "dividuals" in sets, subsets or classes.''  +
  • ''The face of the earth would be much alte
    ''The face of the earth would be much altered if brick architecture were ousted everywhere by glass architecture. It would be as if the earth were adorned with sparkling jewels and enamels. Such glory is unimagmable. We should then have a paradise on earth, and no need to watch in longing expectation for the paradise in heaven.''
    expectation for the paradise in heaven.''  +
  • ''The ship wherein Theseus and the youth o
    ''The ship wherein Theseus and the youth of Athens returned had thirty oars, and was preserved by the Athenians down even to the time of Demetrius Phalereus, for they took away the old planks as they decayed, putting in new and stronger timber in their place, insomuch that this ship became a standing example among the philosophers, for the logical question of things that grow; one side holding that the ship remained the same, and the other contending that it was not the same.''
    her contending that it was not the same.''  +
  • ''The universe (which others call the Libr
    ''The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of triangular galleries, with vast air shafts between, surrounded by very low railings. From any of the triangles one can see, interminably, the upper and lower floors. The distribution of the galleries is invariable.''
    ribution of the galleries is invariable.''  +
  • ''The “Sacrarium,” is something like a temple of ethics, philosophy, and religion. A great globe, modeled and colored, in a scale 1 = 1,000,000 with the planetarium inside, is situated in front of the museum building.''  +
  • ... putting together these writings, catal
    ... putting together these writings, catalogue them, read them systematically, summarizing them following uniform methods, transcribe <s>the data</s> these summaries in new publications. This is in what the organization must involve, tending towards regularly recordings of the knowledges and the humans progress to ensure the most of their diffusion.
    ess to ensure the most of their diffusion.  +
  • 16 September, arrival of the Radiated book at Constant: 13 boxes, 315 copies.  +
  • 221.21 Formes (du livre), in Traité de documentation  +
  • A paper initially presented at ''Congrès international de documentation photographique'', Marseille, October 19, 1906.  +
  • Absent drawers (screenshot from "François Schuiten et le Mundaneum", 1997)  +
  • Annie Besant & Jean Delville  +
  • Annie Besant & Jiddu Krishnamurti  +
  • Architectural vision of the Mundaneum by M.C. Heymans  +
  • Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
  • Archives of the Mundaneum below Place Rogier, 1990's  +
  • Atlas Bruxelles – Urbaneum - Belganeum - Mundaneum. Page de garde du chapitre 991 de l'Atlas de Bruxelles.  +
  • Autoworld interior, ca. 2013  +
  • Bibliology-Documentation-Museography: Expression as a double interface between processes of documentation and of thought  +
  • Bill Echikson: "Google has partnered with Mundaneum because we realized together that this was Google on paper a hundred years ago."  +
  • Biographers Warden Boyd Rayward, Françoise Levie and Alex Wright at Alex Wright's lecture "Cataloging the world: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age", held in Brussels, at Google Offices, December 4, 2014  +
  • Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum reaches for a
    Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum reaches for a shovel off of a robot built by Monarch High School's Team Shazbots robotic team, while, from left, John Tayer, of the Boulder Chamber; Collin Kemberlin, of Tryba Architecture; Liz Hanson, of the city of Boulder; Congressman Jared Polis; Scott Green, of Google; Gov. John Hickenlooper; Fran Ryan, of Impact; and Darren Fisk, of Form; watch during a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Google campus in Boulder.
    mony for the new Google campus in Boulder.  +
  • Brussels renders hommage to Paul Otlet with this dreary street in Anderlecht  +
  • Campaign image for the exhibition 'Mons 2015 : Mapping Knowledge - Comprendre le monde par les données' at Mundaneum, Mons  +
  • Ce schéma de l'Encyclopedia Universalis Mundaneum illustre le côté précurseur de Paul Otlet en termes de télécommunication. Dès les années 1920, il imagine des systèmes de vidéoconférence et de consultation de livres à distance.  +
  • Contemporary re-imagination of the Mondothèque  +
  • Converting .tiff to .jpg  +
  • Copper plaque on the front door of Imprimerie Van Keerberghen, Brussels (2015)  +
  • Corbusier - scheme for the traffic circulation  +
  • Corbusier, Current and Ideal traffic circulation  +
  • Crystal computing aka Google in Saint Ghislain, Belgium  +
  • Crystal computing by night  +
  • Data center technicien at Google, Saint Ghislain  +
  • Design for Mondothèque  +
  • Design for the Mundaneum, Section and facades by Le Corbusier  +
  • Detail description of La Mondothèque in Le Traité de documentation, 1934  +
  • Detail from the original scenography by Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten for The Mundaneum Archive Center, Mons  +
  • Deuxième Congrès Panafricain, au Palais Mondial, à Bruxelles en septembre 1921. In the background, "Prométhée," a painting by Jean Delville.  +
  • Director of the New Mundaneum, Jean François Fueg, explains the importance of digitisation in 1996  +
  • Documentation personelle: Mondothèque, Chambre de travail, Table de travail  +
  • Dorothea (Thea) Coops was the sister of Wilhelmina Coops.  +