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  • File:Bibliology.png  + (Bibliology-Documentation-Museography: Expression as a double interface between processes of documentation and of thought)
  • File:Screenshot - 12.08.2015E.png  + (Bill Echikson: "Google has partnered with Mundaneum because we realized together that this was Google on paper a hundred years ago.")
  • File:3biographers.jpeg  + (Biographers Warden Boyd Rayward, Françoise Levie and Alex Wright at Alex Wright's lecture "Cataloging the world: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age", held in Brussels, at Google Offices, December 4, 2014)
  • File:20150804 012420 google.jpg  + (Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum reaches for a
    Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum reaches for a shovel off of a robot built by Monarch High School's Team Shazbots robotic team, while, from left, John Tayer, of the Boulder Chamber; Collin Kemberlin, of Tryba Architecture; Liz Hanson, of the city of Boulder; Congressman Jared Polis; Scott Green, of Google; Gov. John Hickenlooper; Fran Ryan, of Impact; and Darren Fisk, of Form; watch during a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Google campus in Boulder.
    mony for the new Google campus in Boulder.)
  • File:IMG 20151031 234306.jpg  + (Brussels renders hommage to Paul Otlet with this dreary street in Anderlecht)
  • File:Po01 shape-20150412-h01m47s11 stamped 0001 1.jpg  + (Campaign image for the exhibition 'Mons 2015 : Mapping Knowledge - Comprendre le monde par les données' at Mundaneum, Mons)
  • File:Multi otlet.jpg  + (Ce schéma de l'Encyclopedia Universalis Mundaneum illustre le côté précurseur de Paul Otlet en termes de télécommunication. Dès les années 1920, il imagine des systèmes de vidéoconférence et de consultation de livres à distance.)
  • File:Dc5c67d4eb1a93fb354edd9c7b3e12de-1361537453.jpg  + (Contemporary re-imagination of the Mondothèque)
  • File:Screenshot from 2015-03-10 14-35-55.png  + (Converting .tiff to .jpg)
  • File:Photo0003.jpg  + (Copper plaque on the front door of Imprimerie Van Keerberghen, Brussels (2015))