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  • ...e, a number of libraries available in the booming field of "data sciences" work with "high dimension" vectors; bag of words is a way to transform a written ...d this network of communication to include those parties coordinating the "raw materials" being mined, grown, or otherwise extracted from overseas sources
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  • ...tween all documents in the collection? How the make visible the continuous work of describing, maintaining and indexing? ...i-même. Nous on a à chaque fois quatre fichiers numériques : Un fichier RAW, un fichier Tiff en 300 DPI, un JPEG en 300 DPI et un dernier JPE en 72 DPI
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  • Building on Harvey’s work, Schiller introduced the concept of digital capitalism in response to the 1 ...urchase/extract raw materials to produce commodities; however, much of the raw data for a data center are freely drawn from the labor and everyday activit
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  • ...izes all elements of life in infrastructures of flows. He was convinced to work with Van der Swaelmen, who had already planned a world city on the site of ...let believed in the possibility of language as a model of '[[Bag of words|raw data]]', reducing it to essential information and unambiguous facts, while
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  • <div class="book">This page documents some of the contraptions at work in the Mondotheque wiki. The name "transclusionism" refers to the term "tra ...ut spaces''' or using underscores (eg. '<code>raw_data</code>', not '<code>raw data</code>' );
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