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61.2.van-acker01 fig01f.jpg +''An axonometric view of the Mundaneum gives the effect of an aerial photograph of an archeological site — Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, ancient American (Mayan and Aztec) or Peruvian. These historical reminiscences are striking. Remember the important building works of the Mayas, who were the zenith of ancient American civilization. These well-known ruins (Uxmal, Chichen-Itza, Palenque on the Yucatan peninsula, and Copan in Guatemala) represent a “metaphysical architecture” of special cities of religious cults and burial grounds, cities of rulers and priests; pyramids, cathedrals of the sun, moon and stars; holy places of individual gods; graduating pyramids and terraced palaces with architectural objects conceived in basic geometrical shapes of cube, cylinder, prism and pyramid, the main axis of which is symmetry with emphasis on horizontality.''  +
61.2.van-acker01 fig05f.jpg +Plan of the Mundaneum by M.C. Heymans  +
61.2.van-acker01 fig06f.jpg +Perspective of the Mundaneum by M.C. Heymans  +
61.2.van-acker01 fig07f.jpg +Paul Otlet, Cellula Mundaneum (1936). Mundaneum, Mons. Personal papers of Paul Otlet (MDN). Fonds Affiches (AFF).  +
6996968195 4b521a07b4 z.jpg +Elio di Rupo and Sylvia Van Peteghem, 2012  +
6P9A4428.JPG +Mondothèque worksession at Akademie Schloss Solitude, February 2015  +
6a00d8342fc47753ef00e54f5144f88834-800wi.jpg +''As soon as all forms of life are categorized, classified and determined, individuals will become numeric "dividuals" in sets, subsets or classes.''  +
8-schema.png +Otlet, Scheme and Reality  +
900x720 2049 1603.jpg +Sketch for Mundaneum World City. Le Corbusier, 1929  +
ARC-MUND-EUMC-3518-001 0.png +Schéma symbolisant la Cité Mondiale et le rattachement de tous les points de la Terre à la Cité. 07 mai 1943.  +
ARC-MUND-EUMC-3583-001 0.png +Atlas Bruxelles – Urbaneum - Belganeum - Mundaneum. Page de garde du chapitre 991 de l'Atlas de Bruxelles.  +
Absence 1.jpg +Screenshot of absent index card drawers from "François Schuiten et le Mundaneum", 1997  +
Absence2.jpg +Absent drawers (screenshot from "François Schuiten et le Mundaneum", 1997)  +
Affiche40x60 internet-histoire-belge web72.jpg +Internet, a story from Belgium? Poster distributed by The Mundaneum archive center  +
Archives Mundaneum - Fundamenta.jpg +Table des 10 Fondamentaux - Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04576.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04577.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04578.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04579.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04580.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04581.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04582.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04584.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04588.jpg +''The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of triangular galleries, with vast air shafts between, surrounded by very low railings. From any of the triangles one can see, interminably, the upper and lower floors. The distribution of the galleries is invariable.''  +
Archives MundaneumDSC04592.jpg +Archives Mundaneum-2105-09-28  +

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