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TIMES in Brussels and at different scales
1934 As the Mundaneum is closed by government decision, the archives moved to Rue Fetis 44, Brussels Home of Paul Otlet and ... HOUSE
1960's " Les amis du palais mondial" organize differnet events to the mémoire de Paul Otlet HOUSE
1914 "The palais mondial" at Jubelpark,11 Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels. Installation will be a little delayed due to the upcoming WWI. CITY
1920 Opening of "Palais Mondial" CITY
1924 "Foire du caoutchouc" at Palais Mondial, some collections will be moved to let space for the event. CITY
1941 files on the international associations, which were transferred to Germany because they were assumed to have propaganda value CITY
1934 publication du traité de la documentation PUBLICATION
1891 Henri Lafontaine publie un essai pour une bibliographie de la paix PUBLICATION
1995 Otlet and Lafontaine found "l'office international de bibliology" CITY
1908 Otlet and Lafontaine organize "l'union des associations" CITY
1913 Henri Lafontaine is awarded Nobel price for peace WORLD
1916 Lafontaine publishes, the great solution: magnissima charta PUBLICATION
1882 triple alliance WORLD
1904 entente cordiale between France and England over the colonies WORLD
The date "1890-1900" was not understood.
colonial wars (fachoda, boers...) WORLD
1916 Lafontaine publishes, the great solution: magnissima charta PUBLICATION
1833 Henri Lafontaine founds la "Société Belge de l'arbitrage et de la paix" COUNTRY
1944 Death of Paul Otlet he is buried in Etterbeek cemetery COUNTRY
1993 Elio Di Rupo organises the transportation of Otlet archives 76 rue de Nimy, à Mons COUNTRY
1890 Henri Lafontaine meets Paul Otlet PERSONAL
1894 Henri Lafontaine is elected senator from Hainaut then from Liège Brabant COUNTRY
1907 Henri Lafontaine is elected president of "bureau international de la paix" that he previously contributed to organize COUNTRY
1891 Entente franco-russe WORLD
1870 Franco-Prussian war WORLD
1905 First Morrocan Crisis WORLD

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