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| [[date::1947]]
| [[date::1947]]
|| INTERNATIONAL Telecomunication Union(UTI) is attached to UN
|| INTERNATIONAL Telecomunication Union(UTI) is attached to UN
WCIT 2012
|| Failure of WCIT to reach an international agreement on internet regulation.

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Mapping the wanderings of the Mundaneum in Brussels from inception until its move to Mons
WCIT 2012 2012
TIMES in Brussels and at different scales
1934 As the Mundaneum is closed by governmental decision, the archives are moved Rue Fetis 44, Brussels in the House of Paul Otlet HOUSE
1960's "Les amis du palais mondial" organize different events to the memory of Paul Otlet HOUSE
1914 "The palais mondial" sets up at Jubelpark, 11 Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels. Installation will be a little delayed due to the upcoming WWI. CITY
1920 Opening of the "Palais Mondial" CITY
1924 "Foire du caoutchouc" at the Palais Mondial, some collections will be moved to leave space for the event. CITY
1941 Some files from the Mundaneum collections that concerned international associations, are transferred to Germany because they are assumed to have propaganda value. WORLD
1934 Publication of the book "Traité de documentation" PUBLICATION
1891 Henri Lafontaine publishes an essay "Pour une bibliographie de la paix" PUBLICATION
1895 2-4 septembre First Conférence of Bibliographie that decides the creation of "l'Institut International de Bibliographie" (IIB) CITY
1893 Otlet and Lafontaine start together "l'Office International de Bibliologie Sociologique (OIBS)" CITY
1910 May Official Creation of IUA, "International union of associations" In 1914, it federates 230 organizations, a little more than half the existing ones. L'IUA promotes internationalist aspirations and desire for peace that will lead in 1920 to the creation of "Société des Nations". CITY
1907 June Otlet and Lafontaine organize a Central Office for International Associations that will become the "International Union of Associations" (IUA) at the first Congres mondial des associations internationales in Brussels in May 1910 WORLD
1910 25-27 August Le "Congrès International de Bibliographie et de Documentation" deals both with issues of international cooperation between non governmental organizations and the structure of universal documentation. WORLD
1911 More than 600 people/institutions are listed as IIB members or refering to heir methods specifically UDC.. WORLD
1924 Creation, within l'IIB, of the Central Classification Commission focusing on the development of Universal Decimal Classification WORLD
1931 IIB becomes l'International Institut of documentation (IID) and in 1938 is named International Fédération of documentation (IDF) WORLD
1908 10-11 juillet "Congrès bibliographique international" (Bruxelles) CITY
1900 "Congrès bibliographique international" (Paris) WORLD
1913 Henri Lafontaine is awarded the Nobel Price for Peace WORLD
1916 Lafontaine publishes "The great solution: magnissima charta" PUBLICATION
1882 Triple Alliance renewed in 1902 WORLD
1904 "Entente cordiale" between France and England over the colonies WORLD
1890's first colonial wars (fachoda, boers...) WORLD
1833 Henri Lafontaine creates la "Société Belge de l'arbitrage et de la paix" COUNTRY
1944 Death of Paul Otlet. he is buried in Etterbeek cemetery COUNTRY
1993 Elio Di Rupo organises the transportation of Otlet archives to 76 rue de Nimy, à Mons COUNTRY
1890 Henri Lafontaine meets Paul Otlet PERSONAL
1894 Henri Lafontaine is elected senator from Hainaut and later on senator from Liège-Brabant COUNTRY
1907 Henri Lafontaine is elected president of "bureau international de la paix" that he previously contributed to organize PERSONAL
1891 Entente franco-russe: preliminairy to the "triple entente" that will be signed in 1907 WORLD
1870 Franco-Prussian war WORLD
1905 First Morroccan Crisis WORLD
1874 Creation of General Postal Union, by ONU [[1]] aiming at federating international postal distribution NORMS
1875 General Conference on Weights and Measures NORMS
1865 International Union of telegraph-future International telecomunication union (UTI) NORMS
1947 INTERNATIONAL Telecomunication Union(UTI) is attached to UN NORMS
Failure of WCIT to reach an international agreement on internet regulation. NORMS

Maybe this timeline would need some explanation......

The timeline in Brussels is an attempt to situate some of the events related to the life death and revival of Mondotheque in a broader context with regards both to local events and to broader international situation. This timeline attempts to situate some events in several geographic locations at different scales, and hopefuly provoke cqrrelations in time and space, that could help us formulate questions about the ways all those local events take place and reformulate themselves in a global context.

The large archive ofthe Mundaneum was though by Paul Otlet with support of Henry Lafontaine motivated by a large ideal of peace at a time when occidental colonialism was at its high and the first tensions where only starting to manifest themselves, while at the same time war was at the door of modern european societies. It is in between war that the communication systems associated to Mundaneum were conceived. Some of them were thoughtas prospective possibilities, such as Mondotheque, but others were already implemented like international postal agreements that acted as networks of information-sharing to the general benefit of civil society.

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PersonPaul Otlet +, Henri Lafontaine + and Elio Di Rupo +
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