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Facts about "Otlet Mundaneum.jpg"
CaptionPaul Otlet, Mundaneum. Documentatio Partes. MDN, EUM, doc nr. 8506, scan nr. Mundaneum_A400176 +
CreatorPaul Otlet +
RightsMundaneum +
SourceFrom Van Acker, Wouter, “Internationalist
From Van Acker, Wouter, “Internationalist Utopias of Visual Education. The Graphic and Scenographic Transformation of the Universal Encyclopaedia in the Work of Paul Otlet, Patrick Geddes, and Otto Neurath,” in Perspectives on Science, Vol.19, nr.1, 2011, p. 72.
ctives_on_science/v019/19.1.van-acker.html +