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CaptionSiem Jansen (director of the Development A
Siem Jansen (director of the Development Agency of Noord-Nederlands), Harm Post (Director of Groningen Seaports), Marijke Van Beek (Major of Eemsmond), Bryan Evans (head of datacenter Design and Construction of Google), Francois Sterin (director of Global Infrastructure Google), Henk Kamp (Dutch Minister of Economy) and William Moorlag (Deputy of Groningen Province) inaugurate the construction of Google Datacenter in Eemshaven, Groningen Province.
tacenter in Eemshaven, Groningen Province. +
CityEemshaven +
Is similar toFile:GoogleHongKongDataCenter.jpg +, File:20120403-0959s.jpg +, File:GoogleGroundbreakWEB t670.jpg + and File:20150804 012420 google.jpg +