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  • ...ilding. The ever-expanding index card catalog had already been open to the public during business hours since [[date::1914]]. The project would be later know <div class="inter">In [[date::1934]], the ministry of public works decided to close the [[Mundaneum]] in order to make place for the ext
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  • ...t's 'Le Traité de documentation: Le livre sur le livre' which entered the Public Domain in 2015. From the [[place::Public Library of Schaerbeek]], [[Yves Bernard]] borrowed this rare 1989 edition, publishe
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  • ...Mundaneum's own website]. This erases all sense of difference between the public and the commercial 'institutes'. Also, the draconian terms and conditions o ...ublic institutions such as Mundaneum but also for example Ghent University library, they manage to keep attention on their mission to "organize the world's in
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  • ...edak]]</span> & <span class="name">[[author::Marcell Mars]]</span> (Public Library project) ...exification and testing in mind during the future activities of the Public Library and affiliated organizations.</div>
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  • ...GA-CORPORATION, and now are throwing an expensive party to celebrate their public failure under the motto «Investing In Your Future». == The Radiated Library ==
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  • ...th a solutionist engineering attitude on a scale that is unimaginable with public funds. By allowing CGI to extract information from the cultural sector as m ...ttempt to deal with the frustrating lack of resilience and imagination of 'public' institutions when confronted with the challenges of digitalization.
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  • ...edak]]</span> & <span class="name">[[author::Marcell Mars]]</span> (Public Library project)
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  • Le Livre sur le Livre @ Public domain day http://constantvzw.org/site/Public-Domain-Day-2016.html ...libraries (reading, writing), search engines (wandering) and the legacy of library/documentation science (classifying). Organised by Dusan Barok as part of hi
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  • ...l processes that where different from those involved in reading books in a library, but that one in a sense entailed the other. <ref>''The Mundaneum is an Ide ...able, messy and unruly, but it allowed us to do the work of unravelling in public, mixing political urgency with poetic experiments.
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  • ...ries Moreels (Ghent University), Églantine Lebacq and Marc d'Hoore (Royal library of Belgium) resonate on the following pages. We hear from them about the di ...Library of Belgium]] and [[Voor_elk_boek_is_een_gebruiker|Ghent University Library]] can be found in the on-line publication.
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  • ...centers to the public, it is in reality more about Google’s self-serving public relations onslaught to show how its cloud infrastructure is superior to Goo ...cond bandwidth, is powerful enough to read all of the scanned books in the Library of Congress in a fraction of a second.<ref name="ftn24"> Jaikumar Vijayan,
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  • ...s. The online environment has created its own hybrid form between text and library, which is key to understanding how digital text produces difference.</div> ...ity and bibliographic specificity. This changes the way they function as a library, and the way its main object, the book, should be rethought.
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  • ...edak]]</span> & <span class="name">[[author::Marcell Mars]]</span> (Public Library project) ...e, complexifiée et sera testée durant les futures activités de ''Public Library'' et des organisations affiliées.</div>
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  • .... The ever-expanding index card catalog had already been accessible to the public since [[date::1914]]. The project would be later known as the ''World Palac <div class="inter">In [[date::1934]], the ministry of public works decided to close the [[Mundaneum]] in order to make place for an exte
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  • ...en wereldcatalogus te maken. Wat hij voorstelde was: u bent van de British Library, u van Parijs, ik van Gent. We maken allemaal dubbels van onze fiches en st ...aken. Ze gebruiken boeken van bij ons, maar ook van bij de New York Public Library.
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